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Welcome to The Local Sprout! My name is Ella. Here on the blog I share a few of my greatest passions—my fine art and photography as well as my desire to eat and live a meaningful life. I enjoy long, challenging hiking trips, massive smoothie bowls, and thought-provoking coffee-shop conversations.

I have been interested in art for as long as I can remember. My fine art strives to connect the organic with the inorganic–for example, a digital design created through a physical–or non-digital process. I love texture, pattern, and color. My work has certainly been influenced by my love of nature and environment. After entering the world of photography, I found that elements of my fine art were influencing the composition and style of my photos. I love humans, and the human body. Earlier fine art pieces that I have created centered around human expression and life. This has transitioned into my love for capturing others. I enjoy photographing individuals in ways that show personality and emotion through unique environmental, color, and composition choices.

The recipes I share follow what I have found to bring nourishment and energy to my life. I love all the interesting, colorful, and beautiful plants out in our world and find that cooking with whole foods over processed foods in much more fulfilling. On weekends I shop at farmers markets and enjoy hosting dinners filled with whole-foods cooked in lovely and unique ways. I have found over the past few years that cooking is both a rewarding and creative outlet for me. I strive to inspire others, through my posts, to reconnect with food, their environment and create meaning—even in the simple things.